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Do you have problems with your iPhone? Do not worry, in most cases there is a solution: recovery or reset mode. At this time, you can access only by pressing a combination of buttons, but using RecBoot is getting easier, and all that’s needed is a single click.

Very usefuliOS(function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);)); The recovery mode is the solution to many iOS problems, so accessing it can help you reset your device if the firmware upgrade contains an error that “ruins” your iPhone. Typically, you need to press a combination of buttons on the deviceto detect the iPhone. Sometimes this is impossible, especially if the Home button on the iPhone is damaged. With Recboot, you can enter a recovery mode without pressing any button. RecoBoot activates the recovery method with three simple steps: connect the iPhone to your computer usingUSB cable, run this program and press Enter Recovery Mode. When you no longer need to use this mode, simply press the exit button on the output recovery and your iPhone will return to normal.

Only use it under certain circumstances. Recovery mode wasdeveloped for experienced users of users who want to perform certain operations on their iPhone. If you do not know what this mode is, we recommend that you do not use it, because you activate the heart of the operating system on your iPhone. It should also be noted thatRecBoot currently only works on computers with a 32-bit operating system. If your 64 bits, the program will not work. I hope this will be fixed in the future upgrade application. Except this need, RecBoot requires either iTunes or older. NET Framework.

The savings for your iPhoneRecBoot canrestore your iPhone after the work stops due to a firmware update and can also recover data from your phone that you think you lost. This is incredibly useful if you are familiar with iOS recovery mode.



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ShowMyPC application delivered to a PC “on free access, you should see on a different computer, even if many users need to see the same screen or by using Remote Desktop. ShowMyPC users will be easier to use that learning to use Cicero.Those who live to share their PC hits “Show me my computer now”, and that he wants to see a successful French Visit the remote computer. (Function () {( ‘app-review-page desktop’);}); ShowMyPCDisputatio create another password or dostupPc. You may also be participantsthe use of only one. And whereas the screenshots, and confer to the host, and the appointment of Grant application planned. ShowMyPC Chat function has a whiteboard to share the technical level, you can configure proxy server and security issues, as a private person. You will alsobe able to establish that it can change the default properties by clicking on the icon in the system tray from the servant, servant TightVNC ShowMyPCrecta appears. In short, it is free and easy to use help unAplicaciónzrazumets. Of course, this is not ShowMyPCs program looks good, butthe game is very simple and easy access to the participants on the desktop. Offer him ShowMyPC.



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BlazingTools Perfect Keylogger Remote Edition v1

The stupid limitation of the torrent’s name length is repeated.

This is the version of this Keylogger model. As far as I know, it’s intact. Do not shake properly and do not work after a specific date. Set the date on the computer and it will work. I have reason for it because of history, because I could not do it in 2018.

0. Set the date on the computer or will not work!

First use “lazing4” (without quotes) as a passport to install the program.

2. Use the key.

3.Enjoy it!

BlazingTools Perfect Keylogger Remote Edition v1


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