Blade Runner 2049 Spanish dvdrip.avi Movie Torrent Download

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Blade Runner 2049

Recognizing the young runner in a long captured secret made him trace the former runner Rick Deckard knife, which was lost in thirty years.


Denis Vilynev Author:

Hampton Fencher (script), Michael Green (script) | Thirty years after the creation of the first film, new knife runner officer LAPD (Ryan Gosling), digging long buried secret that could potentially plunge into what is otherwise suspilstvomhaos His discoveryled the search Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford), a former LAPD-knife, which has been lost for 30 years.

The tribute to young runnersa long occupied his secretly forced former track runner Rick Deckard knife, which had been lost in thirty years.

Director: Denis Villeneuve

Posted by Hampton Fancher (script), Michael Green (script)

Star: Harrison Ford, Ryan Geese, Ana de Armas

Genre: Mystery | Sci-Fi | Thriller

Country: AmericaCompany | United Kingdom| Hungary | Canada


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ViDEO: 1154 Kbps -2 Pas

EXTENSION: 720×304

STUDY: 2h 43m 43s

SUBTITLES: English (.srt)

AUDIO: 384 Kbps AC3





Blade Runner 2049


Deadpool 2.2018 DVDRip Clean Audio free movie torrent

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Deadpool 2.2018

Mutant Waste Mutant Mutant (AKA. Deadpool) is a team of mutant partners to protect men with extraordinary powers that are unjust, the Cyborg cable period.


David Leach author:

Rhett Reese, Paul Wernicke | After his love of life lost the fourth rogue victim Wade Wilson aka Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) had to defend Russell (Julian Dennison), a mutant team had to install and protect Russell’s cable (Josh Brolin), which made no sense, dangerous Cyborgfrom the future, and Deadpool will be the most important lesson to be part of the family again.

Deadpool 2 (2018) English HDCAM RIP – 720p – x264 – MP3 – 800MB

After having a nearly deadly bull attack, the disabled cook (Wade Wilson) struggled to fulfill his dream of becoming the hottest bartender at Mayberrys and also learning to overcome your taste buds. To restore his spice to life and flow capacitors, Wade needs a Ninja, Fightingyakuza and an aggressive tooth pack when he travels around the world to find out more about family interests. Friendship and Taste – to find a new sense of adventure and cup of coffee crowned as “The Best Lover of the World” to get.

Deadpool 2.2018


Domain 2018 free download torrent

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Domain 2018

Survivors of the global virus are obliged to stay in bunkers only. They communicate through a network interface, but their new social ecosystem is threatened when they disappear one by one of their bunkers.

Mandi was in 1983 in a primitive desert, where Red Miller broke a persecuted man, hunting a religious sect that shook the love of his life.


Writers Panos Kosmatos:

Panos Cosmatos, Aaron Stevart-Ahn | Tomandolugar In 1983, a red carpenter was in acabin lived, went to the forest. His young artist, Mandi, spends his days and reads fantasy books. Then one day he looks like a prisoner cultural leader who convinces a group of motor demons to kidnap him. Red, armed with a motorcycle tester and other weapons, do not stop to recover, leaving a bloody and bloody body of the battery.

In the Northwest of the Pacific in 1983, stranger Rob Miller and Mandi Bloom led postojanjeloving and pacifica.Cando his retreat this cruel destroyed the cultled by the sadistic sadistic watermelon Network rises in fantasy magic journey full of bloody revenge and linked to a deadly fire.

Domain 2018


A X L 2018 Pirate free download torrent

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A X L 2018

He is a very secret robotic dog who is developing a special friendship with Moses and will do his best to protect his new companion.


Oliver Daly writer:

Oliver Daly Stars:

Thomas Jane, Becky G., Ted McGinley | is an extremely secret robotic dog made by the military to protect future soldiers. The code mentioned by scientists who have made it means attack, reconnaissance, logistics and embodies the most advanced, artificial generation of the nextgeneration intelligence. After a failed experiment, it was discovered that he was hiding only in the desert by a friendly outsider named Miles (Alex Neustaedter) who found a way to connect with him after he activated the evaporating technology of the owner. Together they develop a special friendship that is based on trust, loyalty and compassion. To help Miles win the trust by default, he will do his best to become a new companionto protect, including the fight against the scientists who created it and who will do everything to get him back. Miles is one of the intelligent, resourceful ally Sara (Becky G) who protects his new best friend during a timeless epic adventure for the whole family.

A X L 2018


Venom 2018 Pirate Free Movie Download Torrent

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Venom 2018

Journalist Eddie Brock develops superhuman abilities after he became the host of a foreign parasite.

If Eddie Brock becomes the powers of symbiosis, which will begin its alter ego “Venus”, to save his life.


Ruben Fleischer Writers:

Scott Rosenberg (writer) Pinkner(Writer) If Eddie Brock becomes powers symbionts, which launches its alter ego “Venus”, to save his life.

Venom 2018